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The Stompies began life as ‘No Stompy on Sunshine’, but everyone referred to them as ‘The Stompies’ so that’s what they became.

They’ve all been making music for several lifetimes, ofen concurrently, but not necessarily in the same room or in the same band. Parallel existences see them engrossed in folk, classical, rock, pub, reggae, barn-dance and busking ensembles.

The power of positive thinking and The Law Of Attraction drew the musicians and the music together.

This is The Stompies’ first album. Play it loud or play it quiet, but play it often!

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Two guitars, bass, vocal harmonies, fiddle, melodeon, bodhran, shaky things, along with the occasional ukulele, and flute all combine to provide The Stompies with a signature sound that allows the band to lay claim to folk credentials; they throw in a variety of traditional and not-so-traditional tunes to back up that banner, but this is less a band of folk, and more a band of the classic song.

Original subject matter ranges from the political to the personal, from fiction to fact and is combined with a menu of cover versions with which you won’t be familiar; we play other people’s songs because we love them, we play our own because we have no choice; it’s what they demand.